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Awards and reviews

VICTORIA Urban 5.8 D
VICTORIA Urban 5.7 D
VICTORIA eTrekking 12.9
VICTORIA eTrekking 8.9
VICTORIA eTrekking 8.8
VICTORIA eTrekking 7.8
VICTORIA eTrekking 7.7
VICTORIA eTrekking 6.4 C
VICTORIA eTrekking 6.3 C

Are you looking for a new bike? Do you at least want to take a look at everything that comes into question for you? Then you have come to the right place. We are more than happy to provide you with purchasing advice. Non-binding and no matter from where you are searching. Welcome to VICTORIA. Welcome to one of the most traditional German bicycle brands.

Multiple test winner

VICTORIA bicycles as well as pedelecs have been distinguishing themselves for many years in comparison tests in the trade media. Sometimes as a test winner, sometimes with the surcharge for the best price-performance ratio.

Top quality components

Our products stand out with their high quality – we exclusively use top quality components in the manufacture of our bicycles. As a result, we provide you with durability and reliability for your cycling travels.

Traditional brand

We see ourselves as a brand with a rich tradition. Our long-term existence and our continuous development shape our expertise with which we can competently advise you.

VICTORIA bicycle – on your way to your dream bike

VICTORIA is your reliable partner before, during and after purchasing a VICTORIA bicycle.

Our products stand out with their high quality – we exclusively use top quality components in the manufacture of our bicycles. As a result, we provide you with durability and reliability for your cycling travels.

We see ourselves as a brand with a rich tradition. Our long-term existence and our continuous development shape our expertise with which we can competently advise you.

VICTORIA has an extensive dealer network, especially for eBikes. This means we guarantee you a good availability of our products and our retails partners a comprehensive service.

We have the right model for every need. It doesn’t matter if you require a VICTORIA bicycle for a leisurely ride through town, an adventurous excursion by bike or cycling holiday – you will find the appropriate companion in our range.

About the long VICTORIA bicycle tradition

This history of VICTORIA is as long as it is successful. The predecessors of today’s bikes went in to production at the end of the 19th century in the company’s own factory in Nuremberg. These quickly proved to be competition for horses and carriages and laid the foundation for the further development of the brand. This consequently also included numerous motorised vehicles. The models reflected the wishes and requirements of a society becoming more mobile. This hasn’t changed to this day. Successful models such as the motorised Vicky and Preciosa scooters and the Avanti sports moped shaped the golden era during the middle of last century. Today, VICTORIA shapes the market with an extensive and diverse range of bicycles and eBikes.

VICTORIA eBikes and bicycles typify utmost practical value, as is proven by numerous test victories and awards. An additional bonus for you: VICTORIA models are sold exclusively by authorised and trained specialist retail outlets. The benefit:

  • Extensive dealer network with expert service and good availability even during the cycling season.
  • Specially trained eBike professionals (ePunkt dealer)
  • Wide-ranging model variety: the right model for a multitude of requirements
  • Good results in numerous comparison tests

more about the history of VICTORIA

General considerations when buying a new bike

Buying a new bike sounds like a relatively simple thing to do. And this can be the case. However, you need to know that a lot has changed in the world of bikes since the days of the good old ladies’ bike or the comfortable men’s bike.

Terms such as watt hours and range, belt drive or mid-motor punctuate any sales consultations with a specialist retailer. So that you are best prepared, we want to offer you a compact buyer’s guide.

The VICTORIA bicycles’ extensive program is a good reflection of market conditions. Exclusively available from specialist retailers, it is the eBike that is now the bike of choice for many prospective buyers. Here, VICTORIA has made a name for itself in the past few years: numerous test victories and awards for very good value for money in comparison tests are impressive proof of this fact. The comparatively high standard of equipment ensures a high degree of reliability and highlights our own expectations we have of our premium brand.

Model overview – which VICTORIA for what purpose

But we digress; ultimately it is about you here. The key question you must ask yourself is: Where and how do you want to ride? Your answers determines which VICTORIA bike is suitable and whether you want to be propelled by your own pedal power or have the assistance from an electric motor. Size, body dimensions and weight play a role here too, of course. The dealer will require this information in order to determine the correct frame size along with the appropriate model for you.

Good to know: Germans buy an estimated four million new bicycles each year, the largest proportion choosing the trekking bike, which is also available from VICTORIA as a standard bike and as part of its eBike trekking line.

Bicycle types: The right bike for any purpose

Urban, City or trekking bike, retro bike or eBike – there are many different types of bicycle. We are here to help you through this myriad of types.

The city bike

Compared to a touring bike, the classic city bike offers a rather lower step-through: convenience is the main factor here. These urban bicycles are popular with women predominantly due to the frame shape as mounting the bike is easier as you do not have to swing your leg over the saddle. The seating position is upright, comfortable and relaxed. Relatively wide tyres, mudguards, luggage rack and lighting compliant with StVZO make for comfortable every day riding and pleasant excursions at the weekend. City bikes by VICTORIA always come with easy-to-maintain hub gears and a coaster brake. The comfortable saddle is designed for ride comfort, namely soft and wide. Apart from the quality and a certain standard, the demands on a city bike are not that high, it should be a hassle-free companion for all errands and short trips.

  • Low step-through, popular with women
  • Comfortable
  • Upright and comfortable seating position
  • Low-maintenance technology

The trekking bike

Also referred to as a hybrid, the trekking bike is still the bike for any scenario and is the most popular category of bicycle in Germany. The target group includes both men and women who tend to be cyclists and maintain an active and sporty lifestyle. The bike makes longer distances feasible such as cycle tours at the weekend. Technical details are not alien to this target group.

  • Most popular bike category in Germany, 2016
  • For active cyclists
  • Pannier compatible luggage carriers
  • Sporty derailleurs
  • Low-maintenance hub gears with Gates belt

The retro bike

As with the city bike, retro bikes with their classic nostalgic frame are mainly bought by young women to carry out simple every day journeys. For them, quality at the time of purchase is just as important as the look of the VICTORIA bike or the detailed advice in specialist retail outlets. Just like with its city bikes, VICTORIA relies exclusively on high quality and low-maintenance hub gears by Shimano. Not to mention the other equipment suitable for everyday use, which always includes mudguards, StVZO-compliant lighting as well as carriers, sometimes at both the rear and the front.

The eBike

No other bicycle category is drawing as much attention as the eBike category currently is. For several years now, the market share has been increasing steadily. In Germany, it is now the case that every fifth new bike sold is one with eBike drive. It is now possible to get almost every type of bike with electrical assistance. The majority of the models are pedelecs, which provide assistance up to 25 km/h without requiring road approval or a driver’s licence, as long as the rider pushes the pedals at the same time. The age range of buyers is getting ever bigger: eBike fans are aged from early 30s to well over 70. The reasons for their purchase are very individual; however, the main purchasing factors are the fun factor and the possibility to cover longer distances without considerable effort. The pedelec as the multi-talent among bikes for commuting to work, leisure rides, or running small errands without having to jump in the car also appeals to a large proportion of buyers.

VICTORIA is not just one of the first participants on this market, it has become a venerable name in this segment in recent years. The reasons for this include regularly performing well in comparison tests conducted by the media, often being named test winner or receiving awards for the outstanding value for money. Furthermore, there are the authorised retail outlets that – in relation to the ePunkt concept – have dedicated themselves to this special category.

When you buy a VICTORIA pedelec, you are not getting a deceptive package, but a technically sound and proper means of transport.

2019 VICTORIA eBike model overview

Each year, an increasing number of prospective customers are getting the taste for pedelecs. Here, you can find the most popular eBike types from the fields of eBike trekking (eTrekking), premium eBikes (eManufaktur), eFolding,  stylish café racers (eUrban), classic eBike for first timers (eClassic) or for retro-fans (eRetro) as well as for commuters on the way to work, who would also like to go a bit faster (45 km/h) (eSpezial).


The largest share of the VICTORIA pedelec programme is dedicated to eBike trekking models, exclusively powered by mid-motor drive systems from Bosch. The top models in the eTrekking range provide a sign of things to come with their Bosch PowerTube batteries fully integrated in the frame.

Active and nature-loving people, who don’t even ask themselves the question, “Should I ride my bike today?”, they just do it, form the target group for the eTrekking series. It does not matter whether you are taking a short cut through the woods in town, undertaking an extensive cross-country trip over the weekend or a two-week holiday in Bavaria. The bike has always been part of the mobility movement – and now it comes with a motor too. So what.


While the eTrekking series is primarily suited to active people, it is the eBike Manufaktur model series awarded with the renowned Red Dot Award for Product Design that sets its focus on maximum level comfort and design. Here, importance was not only attached to the perfect design and premium quality: The permissible total weight of bike, rider and luggage comes in at a very acceptable 170 kg, instead of the usual 140 kg for other VICTORIA lines.


Derived from the eManufaktur line, the urban eBikes appeal to people with a certain taste, in this case a penchant for purist aesthetics and a clean look. These two models provide a stylish appearance, not just in the urban jungle. Commuters on their way to work as well as city dwellers find an original and representative short-haul alternative to public transport or their cars for getting to the bakery, copy shop, gym et al.


The entry level into the world of eBikes comes in the guise of the eClassic line, which can open the door to the high-end world of pedelecs from EUR 1499. Perfect for the budget buyer, not wanting to miss out on the built-in tail wind, but wanting to buy a pedelec with expert advice and subsequent service package.


The retro eBike is just like its eClassic model counterpart. It offers the reasonably priced entry into the world of Bosch drives. The target group for this are women with their own unique taste, in this case for stylish retro design and contemporary straightforward technology.


While S-pedelecs with around one percent of the market share are currently found less often on the market, these fast versions do deserve their own place. Intended for commuters or those wanting to be notoriously fast, these versions offer the possibility to be considerably faster when out and about with electric motor assistance up to 45 km/h. In the interests of safety, the legal requirement to wear a helmet is certainly not a drawback in this category.

VICTORIA bike: extensive dealer network and reliable ePunkt concept

Given the abundance of requirements that the emergence of electrically assisted bikes over the past few years has brought with it, it is not surprising that modern bicycle workshops now resemble a car workshop. Diagnostic equipment to detect faults and install the latest software is now standard for many dealers. As certified quality workshops, these are a reliable partner for eBikers and provide the appropriate customer service along with technical expertise – before, during and after purchase. With its ePunkt set-up, VICTORIA is providing a nationwide network of authorised dealers regularly trained by the parent company Hermann Hartje KG and are top fit in all things relating to products, hard- and software, service, troubleshooting etc. And has been doing for many years.

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